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What's New at SHQ?

Got some goodies coming down the pike for y'all.

Large format custom printed wedding seating chart on easel

First, we are adding large format signs to our product lineup. You'll be able to choose from a Primex Bubble-X 100% recyclable polypropylene and Neenah's Converd environmentally responsible paper-based rigid board. We'll start with a couple of size options and if there is demand, we'll add more sizes.

Custom Printed Small Binder

Second, you'll finally have access to a small custom binder - with or without inside pages. Think custom planners, recipes books, mini scrapbooks and photobooks. They're so damn cute.

Raised gold and clear printing on a navy blue paper.

And last but not least, our new print method - still nailing down the date and what we'll call it (Raised Glaze, Elevated Ink and Lustre Print are front runners right now). The new press is being built during the first 2 weeks of October, stay tuned for more details on our Instagram feed.Text

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