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Mini Folded Cards: The little cuties you didn't know you needed.

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Don't you just love little stuff? Babies, tiny notebooks, bite-sized sweets...

We added custom printed mini cards to our site because, well, our customers asked us to. If you're wondering what you might do with cute little cards, we've got some suggestions (btw, we've ALWAYS got suggestions).

How about a little set of various 'Just Because" cards? Perfect for a last minute gift or to include with flowers for a friend. You could create a set of 5 or 10 different designs, your customers would love it.

These little babies are great for weddings/showers too – as greeting cards or notes for guests. And how about white ink calligraphy on the cute little kraft envelopes as place cards at the table? Genius, amirite?

Custom printed mini note cards used as place cards at a wedding table with white ink calligraphy on the kraft envelopes.
The possibilities are endless – find out how to create your own mini folded cards here!

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