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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing (VDP) is where you have different text and/or images on each page in a multi page .pdf. VDP is also referred to as custom or multi-name in some circles. So, instead of printing 20 of the same card, you can print 20 cards with unique information on each page. Pretty cool, huh? Many of our customers use variable data to print addresses on envelopes, but it's now available in various card options. Use them for escort or place cards or to create sets of greeting cards. Make sure you're logged in to see wholesale printing prices if you are a creative professional!

We offer variable data for the following items:
- 4bar Flat Cards
- A2 Flat Cards
- A7 Flat Cards
- Business Cards
- Foiled Business Cards
- Placecards
- Foiled Placecards
- And of course, lots of envelopes

To order variable data products, simply set up your files as follows:

1. Create a multi-page, black or color, document with your designs.
2. Save the file as a high resolution, multi page .pdf.
3. Upload the file.
4. Proof your artwork (you can view as many pages as you’d like).
5. Complete your order.

Here's a blog post we wrote about variable data envelopes, if you'd like more details.