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Foil Books

Add foil to your wedding guest book for a unique look. Choose from gold foil, silver foil or rose gold foil. Just design a foil cover or combine it with printing for a luxe guest book. Books come in landscape or portrait format with 40 blank white pages OR blank black pages inside. This option is great for anniversary celebrations or to create a beautiful custom sketch book for an artist.

Foil guest books take three business days to print and you can order just one. We offer wholesale pricing for creative professionals with an active account. Make sure you're logged in to see your discounted pricing on books and all of our stationery printing services.

If you are looking to achieve flat foil printing on regular books, here's a general guide to help you:

  1. Design your book cover: Create or finalize the design for your book cover using graphic design software. Determine where you want the foil elements to be placed, such as the title, author name, or specific design accents.

  2. Choose the foil color and type: Decide on the foil color you want to use for the printing. Foil comes in various metallic shades, such as gold, silver, rose gold, copper, and more. Additionally, consider the type of foil, such as matte, glossy, or holographic, based on the desired effect.

  3. Select the foil substrate: For flat foil printing on regular books, you will typically need a foil-stamped dust jacket or cover wrap. This involves applying the foil directly onto a separate piece that wraps around the book cover. Determine the type of foil substrate you prefer, such as paper or synthetic materials.

  4. Find a printing service: Look for a printing service that offers flat foil printing on book covers. Ensure that they have the capabilities and experience in handling foil printing projects for books.

  5. Prepare your design files: Set up your design files according to the printing service's specifications. Create separate layers or masks to indicate where the foil printing should be applied. Consult with the printing service for specific instructions on preparing your design files.

  6. Submit your order: Provide the printing service with your design files, foil color, foil substrate preferences, quantities, and any additional instructions. Clearly communicate your requirements to ensure the desired outcome.

  7. Review the proof: The printing service will generate a proof that showcases how the foil printing will appear on your book covers. Carefully review the proof to ensure accuracy and visual appeal. Make any necessary revisions or corrections before giving your final approval.

  8. Production and delivery: Once you have approved the proof, the printing service will proceed with the production of your foil-stamped book covers. Coordinate with them regarding the production timeline and delivery options to ensure your covers are produced and delivered as expected.

Foil printing on book covers requires specialized equipment and expertise to achieve a flat, even finish. It's crucial to work with a professional printing service that has experience in foil printing to ensure the best results for your project.