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Custom Planners

Create a custom printed wire-o bound planner! Upload your unique design for the cover and inside pages. Choose from Hard Cover or Soft Cover, from 50 to 200 pages.


If you're looking for digitally printed custom planners, there are several options available to you. Here's how you can go about getting digitally printed custom planners:

  1. Online Custom Printing Services: Many online printing services offer customizable planner options. Websites like StationeryHQ, PrintHQ, Printful, Printify, and Zazzle allow you to upload your own designs and create custom planners. You can personalize the cover design, interior pages, and other elements according to your preferences. These services will handle the printing and fulfillment process for you.

  2. Local Printers: Check with local print shops or stationery stores in your area to see if they offer custom printing services for planners. Some printers may have the capability to print and bind custom planners. Contact them to discuss your requirements, provide your design files, and inquire about pricing and production timelines.

  3. Specialty Custom Planner Manufacturers: Some companies specialize in producing custom planners. These manufacturers often offer a range of customization options, including cover materials, layouts, sizes, and printing techniques. Research and contact custom planner manufacturers to discuss your project and inquire about their capabilities.

  4. DIY Printing and Binding: If you have access to a high-quality printer and are comfortable with binding techniques, you can create custom planners yourself. Design your planner pages using graphic design software, print them, and then bind them together using methods such as spiral binding or disc binding. This approach allows for complete control over the design and customization, but it requires more effort and manual assembly.

Consider factors such as pricing, printing quality, customization options, and the overall functionality and layout of the planners when choosing a printing option. Check if the supplier offers options for different sizes, binding methods, and paper types to suit your preferences or the intended purpose of the planners.

Keep in mind that custom printing may have higher per-unit costs compared to pre-made planners. However, these options allow you to create personalized and unique planners tailored to your specific needs or for promotional purposes.