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Escort Cards & Place Cards

Custom Printed Place CardHelp guests find their way and elevate the look of weddings and events with custom printed Escort and Place Cards. Choose from lots of fine papers and order whatever quantity you need. Just upload a variable data pdf file, instructions for file set up here:


Variable data escort cards are a great choice for adding a personalized touch to your event. Here's how you can go about getting variable data escort cards:

  1. Design and Data Preparation: Start by designing the base layout for your escort cards. This layout will serve as the foundation for the variable data. Ensure that you leave enough space for the variable information such as guest names and table numbers. Once the design is ready, compile the guest list and associated details in a spreadsheet or database format. Each row should represent a guest with corresponding information.

  2. Printing Service: Look for a printing service that offers variable data printing. Many professional printing companies have the capability to print variable information on each individual escort card based on the data provided. Contact printing companies and inquire about their variable data printing services, including the ability to handle escort cards.

  3. File Submission: Once you have chosen a printing service, provide them with the finalized design file for the escort cards. Additionally, submit the guest list spreadsheet or database file with the variable information. Ensure that the file format is compatible with the printing service's requirements (e.g., CSV, Excel, or other supported formats). Discuss any specific instructions or formatting guidelines for the variable data with the printing service.

  4. Proofing and Approval: Before proceeding with the final printing, request a proof from the printing service. The proof will show how the variable data will appear on the escort cards. Review the proof carefully to ensure accuracy and make any necessary revisions or corrections. Once you are satisfied with the proof, approve it for printing.

  5. Printing and Delivery: After approving the proof, the printing service will proceed with printing the variable data escort cards. The cards will be printed with the personalized information for each guest based on the provided guest list. The printing service will then package and deliver the printed escort cards to you based on your agreed-upon timeline and shipping arrangements.

When working with variable data printing, it's crucial to ensure that the accuracy of the data is maintained. Double-check the guest list for spelling errors or inaccuracies before submitting it to the printing service. Additionally, communicate any specific formatting or styling preferences for the variable data to ensure the desired look and feel of the escort cards.

Remember to discuss pricing, production timelines, minimum order quantities, and any additional services or options (such as cardstock choices or finishing techniques) with the printing service before placing your order.

Variable Data Cards