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Foil Setup Information

Print + Foil Journals

Print + Foil Journals require three press runs. Three files are required for this product; a print only file, a foil only file, and a combined preview file. For the print only file, DO NOT knock out all text over the background image. The foil only file must be 100% K. The combined preview file is for us to make sure we know exactly what you want your project to look like. The case bound cover is matte laminated for a hugh quality finish and durable design. Books come with a white ribbon attached used to mark pages.

Foil Stamped Cards

We offer both single and double sided printing with foil stamping. For Single-sided printing, you will need to upload three files; the first is your digital print file. The second is the file for the foil die (this file must be vectorized and 100% black. Fonts must be outlined). The third is a combined preview file to ensure that we know exactly what you want your project to look like (should be an image combining your first two files).