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Flat Foil + Print Processes

Our hardcover books with flat foil plus print are hot commodities! Have you added them to your site yet? Our customers are using them for many occasions, especially as wedding guest books. We offer them in two sizes and with three foil colors, plus two inside page color options.

These books take more time to make than some of our other products, as their process is a bit complex. Our current turnaround time on these books is five business days and here's why. We ask you to upload three files when ordering -- the foiled area, the printed area and then a mock up of the final product. We do three separate print runs for these covers. The book is then hand made, including a laminated cover to protect your artwork and a ribbon page marker. As you can see, this process can take extra time, but we believe it's worth it. We want to deliver the best possible product to you and your customers! Check out our collection of Guest Books here.