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Choose from A7 and A2 Flat Cards or Folded Cards. Boxed Card sets come in a set of 10 cards with 10 blank white envelopes. Envelopes are square flap, 80# White Accent Opaque. Perfect for custom personal stationery or a set of thank you cards. Create a beautiful Monogram or add a photo of a sweet baby for baby shower thank yous. Your customers will love receiving a custom gift that is already in a cute window box, all they have to do is add a bow! Choose your favorite stock for the cards from our fine paper collection, upload your design and create a beautiful set of boxed cards. Do whatever you want, you're the designer ;)

If you are interested in boxed stationery sets with your own design, there are several options you can explore:

  1. Custom stationery manufacturers: Look for custom stationery manufacturers that offer boxed stationery sets. These companies specialize in producing personalized stationery products and often provide options for custom designs. Search online for custom stationery manufacturers and contact them to discuss your specific design requirements for boxed sets.

  2. Online printing and customization platforms: There are online platforms that allow you to customize and print your own designs on various stationery products, including boxed sets. Websites like Zazzle, Minted, and Etsy offer customizable stationery options where you can upload your designs and order boxed sets with your artwork. These platforms may have pre-designed templates or allow you to create your own design from scratch.

  3. Local print shops or stationery stores: Visit local print shops or stationery stores in your area and inquire about their custom printing services for boxed stationery sets. They may have the capability to print your designs on stationery items and assemble them into boxed sets. Discuss your design requirements, quantity, and any additional customization options you may need with them.

When working with a supplier for boxed stationery sets with your design, make sure to provide them with clear specifications, including the desired box size, stationery items to be included, design dimensions, and any specific printing or finishing requirements. It's also important to ask for samples or proofs to ensure that the final product matches your expectations before placing a larger order.