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Hard Cover

8" x 10" Hard Cover (PRINT plus FOIL)

  • Three files are required for this product.
    • File 1 - PRINT ONLY  
      (DO NOT knock out all text over background image.)
    • File 2 - FOIL ONLY  
      Must be 100% K. This will overprint the printed image.
      (Preview of final product, so we know what it should look like.)
  • Case bound cover is matte laminated for a high quality appearance and durable design. Comes with white ribbon attached to mark a page.
  • Art Size: Cover: 18.125" x 11.5" (all 3 files should be this size)                  
  • Trimmed Size: 17.125" x 10.5"
  • Final Cover Size: 8.25" x 10.5" with .625" spine.
  • Inside Paper Stock: 70# Opaque*
  • These products require three press runs. Turn time on this product is currently FOUR business days.

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