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Mind Your Business: Gettin' Mathy for Holidays 2023

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Holiday Stationery 2023

We did the homework so you don’t have to. The financial analysts are expecting pretty decent holiday sales with a slight uptick from 2022 spending. BUT stores will order less inventory this year as consumers tend to split their holiday shopping between brick and mortar and online shops. The good news is that your sales this year could be as good or better than last year. So how do you plan for holidays 2023?

In a perfect world, you’re selling both to shops and online retailers. And ideally, you have your own site or Etsy store too. It requires more of your time but it also provides higher margins on your products so you don’t have to sell as many to get the same profit. 

How much inventory to carry is always a crapshoot. Do you order tons to get great volume pricing? But then you're putting out cash and hoping to sell out. Or do you offer a limited supply and be happy selling out? I hate to get all math-y on you, but this is why your sales data and tracking are crucial. If I were in your shoes, I'd order 5% more than you SOLD last year and start marketing early. My messaging would boldly feature "Limited Supply" or "While Supplies Last - order early."


And offering custom products that can be ordered on demand is always a win. You don't spend money until you make it, customers LOVE personalization and you don't have to inventory a bunch of products.  

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