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What is flat foil and print plus flat foil?

What is print plus flat foil? (also called sleeking)

The process includes printing an area of the press sheet and then applying foil laminate to that print area. Then overprinting the sheet with four-color printing.

This allows four-color printing + foil without the expense or delay of traditional foil stamping. This can allow variable data foil on invitations which could be a unique product to allow you to grow your business or earn more margin on your design work. The big guys (Minted, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly) will have a tough time launching this in the near future.

We've been trying to perfect this process for 1 1/2 years because we are excited about the possibilities. We have launched this technology on wedding guest books on the new site and we'll be able to add this to invitations in the future.

This is currently available in three foil colors. Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. As our volume grows we may be able to add more colors. Also later this week we will post pictures of a hard cover in a flood of silver foil with colors overprinted on it. Hopefully this will give you ideas how to wow your clients.

Preparing the file will be a bit more difficult for you. These files should be prepared in illustrator and the foil area should be stroked with 1/4 point overprint if it is in foil. We do recommend not using small or script fonts in this process. They will look okay but will not be perfect because of the way the foil adheres to the print.


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