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Wrapping Paper Rolls - Now 36" Wide

Wrapping Paper Rolls - Now 36" Wide

UPDATE - USPS has instituted a $15 surcharge for this product so we have changed the weight.
This can only be shipped us UPS Mail Innovations from now on. We cannot use First Class or Priority Mail.
Notice: Large blocks of solid colors will result in streaks.
Patterns, textures and colorful graphics print best. Rolled wrapping paper is printed on an inkjet device and will not match any wrapping paper you order in sheets - these are different printing presses.

The output is printed on a 20# bond paper and will be rolled onto a wrapping paper tube and covered with a plastic sleeve. Please keep ink density under 180% (400% is 100% CYMK) for best results. Solid colors may have some minor banding with this technology so flood dark colors or flood greys will not appear even in ink saturation. 

This product is only available single-sided.


Upload Area: 36" x 72.25"

Roll Size: 36" x 72"