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Small Notebook

Small Wire-O Notebook with Custom COLOR Pages

Small Wire-O Notebook

  • Art Size: 5.75" x 7.5"
  • Trimmed Size: 5.5" x 7.25"
  • Final Size: 5.5" x 7.25"
  • Cover ink: 4 color on 1 side plus matte lamination. 60 pages on 30 double-sided lined sheets in color ink.
  • Bound with white wire-O

Upload your file in ONE FILE.

The first page is the front cover.

The second page is the back cover.

The text can be up to 80 pages on 40 sheets. These will be double-sided color pages. The trim size on the pages will be 5.5" x 7.25" and you can bleed the file. Critical text and images should not be within 1/4" if the edge of the page.

Download template below to see where front and back covers are placed.

Download Template >>