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4.25" x 11" Wedding Program

4.25" x 11" Wedding Program

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Upload your unique design onto our 4.25 x 11 Wedding Programs! Perfect for a wide array of events.

Art Size: 4.5 x 11.25

Trimmed Size: 4.25 x 11


The 4.25" x 11" Wedding Program is a beautifully designed and informative booklet that serves as a guide for guests attending a wedding ceremony. This elongated format provides ample space to include all the essential details and elements of the wedding, while also allowing for elegant and visually appealing layouts.

The dimensions of 4.25" x 11" make the Wedding Program sleek and slim, perfect for hand-held use and easy storage. The elongated shape adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the program, creating a visually pleasing format that stands out.

The Wedding Program typically consists of multiple pages, allowing for the inclusion of various sections and information. It serves as a detailed itinerary of the wedding ceremony, enabling guests to follow along and understand the flow of events. Common sections found in the program may include:

  1. Cover: The cover of the Wedding Program sets the tone for the event, often featuring the names of the couple, a significant image or design, and the date of the wedding.

  2. Introduction: The introduction section provides a warm welcome to guests and sets the overall mood and theme of the wedding.

  3. Order of Ceremony: This section outlines the sequence of events during the wedding ceremony, including the processional, readings, vows, exchange of rings, pronouncement of marriage, recessional, and any other significant rituals or customs.

  4. Bridal Party: The program may feature a section that introduces the members of the bridal party, including the maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and officiant. Brief descriptions or photos of each individual may be included.

  5. Wedding Party Music: If there is live music or specific songs being performed during the ceremony, this section can list the titles and artists, providing a glimpse into the musical ambiance of the wedding.

  6. Acknowledgments: This section is an opportunity for the couple to express their gratitude to their families, friends, and anyone else who contributed to their special day.

  7. Special Messages: The couple may choose to include heartfelt messages or notes of appreciation to their guests, adding a personal touch to the program.

  8. Reception Details: If the wedding program covers both the ceremony and reception, a section can be dedicated to outlining the reception details, such as the venue, time, dinner menu, and any additional activities or entertainment planned.

The 4.25" x 11" Wedding Program offers ample space for elegant design elements, such as beautiful fonts, decorative borders, color schemes that match the wedding theme, and images or illustrations that enhance the overall aesthetic. The layout can be customized to reflect the couple's style and preferences, creating a visually stunning keepsake for guests to cherish.

Whether it is a traditional wedding ceremony or a more unique and personalized celebration, the 4.25" x 11" Wedding Program serves as a practical and visually appealing guide, ensuring that guests are informed and engaged throughout the special day.

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