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To print custom planners with StationeryHQ

To print custom planners with StationeryHQ, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the StationeryHQ website: Go to the official website of Stationeryhq at

  2. Navigate to the planner section: Explore the website and locate the planner section. You may find it under categories like "Stationery," "Planners," or "Custom Products." Here is the link: CUSTOM PLANNERS

  3. Customize your planner in InDesign or your design tool and create a high res PDF with bleed. Once you've chosen the planner type, you will likely have options to customize it. This may include selecting the cover design, adding your own images or logos, choosing the layout, and personalizing the text. 

  4. Select the quantity: Specify the quantity of planners you wish to order. Stationeryhq may have minimum order requirements, so make sure to check their policies.

  5. Review and finalize your design: Before proceeding to print, carefully review your design, ensuring that all the elements are as desired. Double-check spelling, dates, and any other important details.

  6. Place your order: Once you are satisfied with your design, proceed to place your order. Follow the instructions provided by Stationeryhq to complete the ordering process. This usually involves adding the item to your cart, providing shipping information, and making the necessary payment.

  7. Wait for production and delivery: After placing your order, Stationeryhq will produce your custom planners according to your specifications. The production and delivery time may vary, so check their estimated timelines or contact their customer support for more information.

  8. Receive and enjoy your custom planners: Once your custom planners are printed and shipped, they will be delivered to your specified address. Upon receipt, you can start using and enjoying your personalized planners.

Remember to consult StationeryHQ's website or contact their customer support for any specific instructions or assistance during the ordering process.