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Invitation wedding invitation

Invitation wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations are a crucial element in setting the tone and theme for a couple's special day. Print shops offer a variety of services and options to help create beautiful and personalized wedding invitations that reflect the couple's unique style and vision.

There are great choices for ordering your wedding invitations online if you are part of the wedding and not a graphic designer.

These include Minted, Simply to Impress and others.

However if you are a creative professional we can offer these same products for much less. You do need to be skilled in design and able to use Procreate, Illustrator, Indesign, or Canva to generate your wedding invitations (with bleed) to work with us. If you can you will save significant money but end up with the same beautiful products. We might even manufacture cards for some of these companies.

Here is some other information that might help you.

Here are some common services and options available for wedding invitation printing at print shops:

  1. Paper Choices: Print shops offer a wide range of paper stocks, from classic cotton or linen papers to more modern and textured options. Couples can choose the paper weight, finish, and color that best suits their desired look and feel.
  2. Printing Methods: Depending on the design and quantity needed, print shops can utilize different printing methods, such as offset printing for larger quantities or digital printing for smaller runs or intricate designs.
  3. Designs and Customization: Print shops often have in-house designers or work with freelance designers to create custom designs for wedding invitations. Couples can provide their own designs or work with the designers to bring their vision to life. Customization options include personalizing the text, incorporating monograms, and adding unique design elements.
  4. Envelopes and Addressing: Print shops can print customized envelopes to match the invitations, as well as provide addressing services (printing or calligraphy) for the envelopes.
  5. Embellishments: To add a touch of elegance and personalization, print shops offer various embellishment options, such as letterpress printing, foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, or adding ribbon or lace accents.
  6. Enclosure Cards: In addition to the main invitation, print shops can produce additional enclosure cards for details like reception information, response cards, maps, or accommodations details.
  7. Assembly and Packaging: Some print shops offer assembly and packaging services, ensuring that the invitations and enclosure cards are neatly assembled and placed in appropriate packaging, such as belly bands, pockets, or boxes.
  8. Proofing and Quality Assurance: Print shops typically provide proofing services to ensure that the invitations are printed correctly, with accurate colors, text, and design elements before proceeding with the full print run.

Wedding invitations are a treasured keepsake and set the tone for the entire wedding celebration. By working with a professional print shop, couples can create beautiful, high-quality invitations that reflect their personalities and style, while also benefiting from the expertise and resources available to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.