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Employee Updates

UPDATE: Our tentative plan is to start taking orders for StationeryHQ (no books) on Tuesday April 7th.

11 team members have volunteered to come to work. This group will start on either Wednesday the 8th or Thursday the 9th. If you are one of the people who agreed to come back to work, please be on the lookout for a message from Dave, Josie or Trang. 

The rest of the team should plan to be on unemployment for now. The new owners are working on getting the federal loan that will help keep us all employed and will have an update for us by next Tuesday. 


Your health and safety is Neuron Publishing's (or Lovebook, our new owners) top priority. It is very important to them that you know that you have a choice here and that we will take every precaution to provide a clean environment.

Our new owners are working very hard to ensure that this temporary close does not result in any permanent layoffs, they are confident that we will get back to building up the StationeryHQ and Frecklebox businesses. We will post more info about compensation here as soon as that information is available.

Thank you for being patient while we figure this out!