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Create a pdf with 5 channels from InDesign

Creating a PDF with 5 channels (also known as spot color channels or separation channels) directly from Adobe InDesign is not a standard feature of the application because InDesign is primarily used for document layout and design, and it doesn't handle color separations at that level of detail. Instead, color separations are typically handled in professional prepress and printing software like Adobe Acrobat Professional or dedicated prepress software.

To create a PDF with 5 channels, you would need to follow these general steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your InDesign Document

  1. Create your design/layout in Adobe InDesign.
  2. Make sure to use spot colors for the elements you want to separate into 5 channels. You can define spot colors in InDesign by going to the Swatches panel and choosing "New Color Swatch."

Step 2: Export Your InDesign Document as a PDF

  1. Go to File > Export.
  2. Choose "Adobe PDF (Print)" as the export format.
  3. In the "Export Adobe PDF" dialog box, make sure to select "Marks and Bleeds."
  4. Under "Output," select "Separations (Host-Based)." This is where you define the color separations.
  5. Click the "Ink Manager" button to configure the separations.

Step 3: Configure Color Separations

In the Ink Manager dialog box:

  1. Under "Ink Name," you can specify the spot colors you want to separate. You should have five separate spot color inks defined here.
  2. Assign each ink to the elements in your document that correspond to those channels.
  3. Ensure that each spot color is set to overprint if needed.
  4. Make any other necessary adjustments, such as dot gain compensation or ink limit settings.

Step 4: Export the PDF

Once you've configured the color separations, click "OK" in the Ink Manager dialog box and then click "Export" in the Export Adobe PDF dialog box.

This will generate a PDF file with five separate channels, each corresponding to a spot color you defined in InDesign. These channels can be used in a professional printing workflow for color separation and printing on a commercial press.

Please note that this process is typically performed by professionals in the prepress or printing industry, and it requires knowledge of color management and print production. If you're not familiar with these concepts, it's recommended to work with a professional prepress provider who can assist with color separations and printing preparation.