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The StationeryHQ Story: Chapter Two

StationeryHQ + Neuron Publishing = A match made in heaven.Erin here, Creative Director at StationeryHQ. Also, wife of CEO Mark. (Additionally; Stationery Designer, Aggressive Driver and Storyteller.)
First, a summary of Chapter One so you know how we got to Chapter Two. was started about 10 years ago, we were a digital printing company with some pretty savvy technology chops. After helping the founders of launch their business, we figured out that we could enable creative entrepreneurs with an automated system that allowed for much lower printing costs. That idea has grown organically into about 16,000 awesome customers and millions of custom cards and gifts printed each year. It's a privately owned, family run business.
The upside? Growth. The downside? Keeping up with the growth. 
Our facility is about 30,000 square feet with machinery that costs millions. We have a pretty big team of amazing people running the administration and manufacturing for SHQ. Many of you are familiar with Mark. He's the CEO and the guy who came up with this big idea. You're familiar with him because he helps out with customer service, shipping, technology, vendor management, sales, accounting, etc. He's probably answered a question you posted on facebook on a Sunday at 5:00am. Which is admiral but not sustainable. The guy needs to take a break once in awhile. 
Running this joint takes a lot of time and money.  
Which brings us to the recent purchase of assets by Neuron Publishing, LLC. (The lawyer says I have to say it like that and I'm all haha ASS-ets, does that mean you bought Mark?) What that means is they acquired the brand, the processes, and the technology that makes up SHQ. 
Neuron Publishing is a group of crazy smart, super fun people with whom we've worked for about 9 years. They've been a great customer and have become great friends of ours. They have all the pieces that we were missing to keep growing and improving Together we are a bigger team with more expertise, ideas and tools (the kind you use to make stuff, not the kind you try to avoid at parties).

If we grow SHQ, we are able to offer better pricing through shared volume and bigger budgets for new equipment, materials and processes. In the end, it means we can serve you better. Which makes us super happy :)