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April Fool's hahahahaha

Thanks for being a sport, y'all slap. Not like an "Oscar Winner Slap" – more like "you're awesome" or whatever.

And since you made it this far, here's a sneak peak of the smelly paper collection we would add if anybody would actually buy it.

Elon Musk

Optimism and Tacos

Scenter of Attention

Nobody Nose Why This Paper Smells

Smelly Cat

Sarcasm and Wasted Dreams

Sizzling Bacon

Freshly Printed $100 Bills

Caffeine and Sugar

Hot-teas and Cinnabuns

Fresh as Hell

Pizza and a Movie

Unicorn Toots

Shiny Stuff

Women Running the World

No Regrets

And if we knew how to make these custom gifts, we totally would:

Custom Printed Pool Size Submarines

Personalized Unicorns (real ones)

Monogrammed Popcorn Kernels

Meal Prep Kits But With Customized Cookie Dough Flavors

Stir Sticks That Look Like Blackwing Pencils with Monogram