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Double Thick Foil Cards - Top Quality Custom Prints

Choose Double Thick Foil Stamped cards for luxurious wedding invitation suites or holiday cards. We offer many of your favorite paper choices and varying sizes. People will love receiving a double thick card and you can order quantities as low as 50 custom printed cards. Just upload your art files per our instructions and we will print and drop ship them wherever you want. Make sure you're logged into your account to see wholesale pricing for creative professionals.

Double thick foil stamped cards are a luxurious and visually striking option for various purposes, including weddings, special events, or premium business stationery. Foil stamping adds a metallic or glossy finish to specific design elements on the card, creating an elegant and eye-catching effect. Here's a general guide on printing double thick foil stamped cards:

  1. Design your card: Create a visually appealing design for your double thick card using graphic design software. Ensure that your design incorporates elements that you want to be foil stamped, such as text, logos, borders, or decorative accents.

  2. Choose a double thick cardstock: Select a high-quality double thick cardstock that can accommodate the foil stamping process. Double thick cardstock provides a substantial and luxurious feel to the final product.

  3. Select foil colors: Choose the foil colors you want to use for the stamping. Foils come in various shades, including gold, silver, rose gold, copper, and more. Consider the color scheme and design of your card to select the most appropriate foil colors.

  4. Find a printing service: Look for a printing service that offers double thick cardstock and foil stamping services. Ensure that they have experience in handling foil stamping projects and can provide the quality and finish you desire.

  5. Prepare your design files: Set up your design files according to the printing service's specifications. Typically, you will need to create separate layers or masks to indicate where the foil stamping should be applied. Consult the printing service for specific instructions on preparing your design files.

  6. Submit your order: Provide the printing service with your design files and specifications, including the desired cardstock, foil colors, quantities, and any additional instructions. Communicate your requirements clearly to ensure the desired outcome.

  7. Review the proof: The printing service will generate a proof that showcases how the foil stamping will appear on your double thick cards. Carefully review the proof to ensure accuracy, alignment, and overall visual appeal. Make any necessary revisions or corrections before giving your final approval.

  8. Production and delivery: Once you have approved the proof, the printing service will proceed with the production of your double thick foil stamped cards. Coordinate with them regarding the production timeline and delivery options to ensure your cards are produced and delivered in a timely manner.

Note that the foil stamping process requires specialized equipment and expertise. It's essential to work with a professional printing service that has experience in foil stamping to achieve the best results.