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4 Bar Double Thick Cards

4 Bar cards are commonly used as reply cards for wedding invitation suites and notecards for personalized stationery. They are perfect for thank you cards too. Create a personalized set for your customers with a monogram or even a photo. Choose from 6 fine papers and add foil stamping for a super luxurious card. Sized at a compact 4.875" x 3.5", you can choose between landscape and portrait formats. Just upload your file per our instructions and choose your quantity.


4 Bar cards are small-sized cards that measure approximately 3.5" x 4.875" (88.9mm x 123.825mm). If you are looking to print 4 Bar double thick cards, you can use them for various purposes, such as:

  1. Personal stationery: Create personalized thank-you cards, greeting cards, or note cards for personal use. Double thick cards add a premium and luxurious feel to your stationery.

  2. Invitations: Design and print wedding invitations, party invitations, or event invitations on double thick 4 Bar cards. The extra thickness enhances the elegance and durability of the invitations.

  3. Business cards: Use 4 Bar double thick cards as unique and eye-catching business cards. They can help your business stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential clients or contacts.

  4. Gift tags: Print double thick 4 Bar cards as stylish gift tags for special occasions, holidays, or events. They can be attached to gifts to add a personal touch and make the presentation more appealing.

To print 4 Bar double thick cards, you can follow similar steps to those mentioned earlier:

  1. Find a printing company: Look for printing companies that offer double thick cardstock options and specialize in small-sized cards.

  2. Inquire about their services: Contact the printing companies and inquire about their wholesale printing services for 4 Bar double thick cards. Ask about their pricing, minimum order quantities, turnaround times, and any specific requirements.

  3. Prepare your design: Create or customize your design to fit the 4 Bar card size and specifications. Ensure that your design reflects the purpose of the cards and aligns with your branding, if applicable.

  4. Request a quote: Provide the printing company with the details of your project, including the quantity of cards, the desired double thick cardstock, any finishes or coatings, and any specific printing requirements. Request a quote based on these specifications.

  5. Review the quote and place your order: Compare the quotes you receive from different printing companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Place your wholesale order with the selected company.

  6. Provide the artwork: Follow the printing company's guidelines for submitting your artwork. Upload your design files in the preferred format and comply with their requirements for bleed, resolution, and color mode.

  7. Approve the proof: Once the printing company provides a proof of your double thick 4 Bar cards, review it carefully. Make any necessary revisions or corrections and give your final approval.

  8. Production and delivery: After approving the proof, the printing company will proceed with the production of your wholesale order. Coordinate with them regarding the production timeline and delivery options for your finished cards.

Remember to communicate clearly with the printing company throughout the process and consider requesting samples or a test print to ensure the quality and satisfaction with the final product.