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White Ink A7 ENV

Double Sided White Ink A7 Envelope

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To order envelope addressee printing, simply set up your 
addresses as follows:

1. Create a 7.25″ x 5.25″ document.

(This file must be a 100% K only vectorized PDF, no spot color)

2. Save the file as a high resolution pdf file.

3. Upload the file.

4. Upload #1 is your front side file.

5. Upload #2 is your flap side upload.

6. Proof your artwork.

7. Complete your order.

Note: Fonts should not be too thin, as they won't show up well in white ink. Medium weight fonts will work best. 

Please do NOT include bleed in your uploads for white ink envelopes. White ink envelopes will not print all the way to the edges, so bleeds are not necessary.

Width: 7.25"

Height: 5.25"

Flap Area: 7.125" x 2.625" (Art Size must still be 7.25 x 5.25 with artwork inside the flap area)