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The Long Story

Well if you made it to this page, you must really like details and we are happy to share.

We started as printing brokers and were producing printed products for corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We did quite a few corporate books and digital printing was rapidly growing. We started doing fulfillment for companies of their print literature. We would offset print lots of stuff and then store it and ship it out as requested.

Slowly we started bringing in our own digital printing equipment. The 1990s were all about books and in the late 1990s, we started building websites for corporations to print and distribute their customized collateral and books.

Our world changed in 2004 when we met the founders of TinyPrints and Wedding Paper Divas. They were three brilliant people with an interesting idea we decided to try. This brought us into the world of fine stationery manufacturing. When we first attended the National Stationery Show in New York in 2009, we were amazed at all the wonderful companies and ideas! That's when we knew we could create a platform to do Tiny Prints type manufacturing for the independent designers and stationery wholesalers.

We built and launched a platform in July of 2009 and immediately started working on the real platform which debuted as in May of 2011. It worked and grew 300% in the first year and 200% the next year. Then we launched the next platform that was a "real" platform since Mark built the first one and he isn't a real technology guy. That next platform launched in May of 2013 and this platform launched in 2017, which is the next generation.

And know that we are already working on the next platform. We try to live in our mission statement which is "By partnering with people to enable their creative ideas, we change lives." It sounds like marketing, but is really the core of our company's beliefs.

The company is still run by me (Mark). Scott left to pursue other interests in 2014 and is still a minority owner in the company.

Thanks for reading and if you come and visit, we can even tell you more. There is a great story which would make a good TV movie about our company if you ever have time to listen.

Mark, CEO