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Outlining fonts is important

What is an outlined font and why is it important?

An outlined font means after you have typed some text into your design, that text is changed from being a font into being a picture of the words you included. That way we don't need the font to print your high resolution pdf file. How to create outlined fonts depends on what program you are using to create your files. Here are a couple of short tutorials on how to outline your fonts/text after you've finalized your design and you're ready to print. If this is a new idea to you, please check out these helpful links:

If you are using Photoshop

If you are using Illustrator

If you are using CorelDraw


An outlined font, also known as a vectorized or stroked font, is a type of font where the characters are composed of outlines or paths rather than being filled in with solid color. Instead of having a solid shape, the characters are made up of lines that define their edges.

Outlined fonts are important for several reasons:

  1. Versatility: Outlined fonts can be easily resized without losing quality. Since they are created using vector paths, they can be scaled up or down to any size without becoming pixelated or blurry. This makes outlined fonts ideal for various applications, such as print materials, signage, digital graphics, and web design.

  2. Customization: Outlined fonts offer flexibility in terms of customization. The outlines can be modified or manipulated to achieve different effects. Designers can change the stroke width, color, or add special effects to the outlines, allowing for creative and unique typographic treatments.

  3. Printing Considerations: When working with print materials, outlined fonts can help overcome potential issues related to font compatibility. By converting fonts to outlines, you eliminate the need to worry about whether the recipient of your design has the specific font installed on their system. This ensures that your typography remains consistent across different platforms and avoids any potential font substitution issues.

  4. Branding and Distinctiveness: Outlined fonts can contribute to a brand's identity and recognition. By using a customized or unique outlined font, a company can create a distinctive typographic style that sets them apart from competitors. Outlined fonts allow for more intricate or complex designs that can reinforce brand recognition and convey a specific aesthetic or personality.

  5. Typography Effects: Outlined fonts can be utilized to create various typography effects. For example, a designer may apply gradients, patterns, or textures within the outlines, giving the text a visually striking appearance. These effects can be particularly effective for logos, headlines, or other design elements that require emphasis.

It's worth noting that outlined fonts may not be suitable for all situations. In cases where text needs to be editable or searchable, using live text is typically preferable. Outlined fonts are generally used when you want precise control over the appearance of the text or when working with specialized effects that cannot be achieved with live text alone.

Overall, outlined fonts provide designers with greater flexibility, customization options, and scalability, making them an important tool in the world of typography and graphic design.