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Foil Stamping Colors

We offer foil stamping on cards in lots of sizes and papers, including colored paper stocks and flat or folded formats. Foil stamping requires the creation of a die for your custom artwork, which takes about 5 business days. Most products require a low minimum of 50 cards, with pricing getter lower as volume gets higher. Matte Gold is our bestselling foil color but Copper is making a standout appearance this year too. For a really luxe card or invitation, go with foil stamping on Double Thick paper. It's delicious on a subtly textured paper like Savoy Cotton.

Foil Stamping is available on Die Cut Tags too, click here to learn more about this best selling product. You can create a hang tag with printing on one or both sides and foil stamp the front. We also offer metallic foil on book covers, perfect for a wedding guest book or anniversary party. Makes a great sketchbook too, design a cover with the artist's name in foil.


Foil stamping is a popular printing technique that involves applying metallic or colored foils onto a surface to create a shiny and decorative effect. The choice of foil stamping colors can vary depending on the specific supplier or printing company you work with. However, here are some commonly available foil stamping colors:

  1. Gold: Gold foil is one of the most popular choices for foil stamping. It adds a luxurious and classic touch to printed materials.

  2. Silver: Silver foil is another commonly used color for foil stamping. It provides a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

  3. Copper: Copper foil offers a warm and rich metallic look. It can be an excellent choice for designs that require a more rustic or vintage feel.

  4. Rose Gold: Rose gold foil has gained popularity in recent years for its soft and elegant appearance. It adds a touch of femininity and romance to printed materials.

  5. Holographic: Holographic foils feature iridescent or prismatic effects, creating a dynamic and eye-catching look. They reflect different colors and patterns depending on the angle of light.

  6. Matte Colors: In addition to metallic foils, some suppliers may offer matte-colored foils for a more subtle and subdued look. These can include colors like black, white, red, blue, green, and more.

  7. Custom Colors: Some printing providers may have the capability to create custom foil colors based on specific Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors or other color systems. This allows for greater customization and the ability to match specific brand colors.

Keep in mind that the availability of foil stamping colors may vary depending on the supplier, and not all colors may be readily accessible. It's best to consult with your chosen printing provider to inquire about the specific foil stamping colors they offer and to request color swatches or samples to ensure you achieve the desired effect for your project.