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This little page of funsies was created in the beginning of the Pandemic when we all had to cool our jets and forgo working our beautiful stationery businesses for awhile. But we know how you enjoy a little snark with your cookies and so do we so we decided it stays. Looks like we're in for another year of staying in more than going out this winter. Keep your brain and your humor in good form with some puzzles created just for you creative types by our creative types. We can do this, y'all. DO NOT share your answers on social media, seriously, that would be bad form and we'd have to crop you out of our club. (Warning: inappropro language on these activity pages. But at least it's conceptual.) Thanks for being the kind of word nerds who appreciate this kind of shenanigans, weluyu.

How to use this page:

1. Click the link for a pdf to print out at home.

2. Go nuts.

Designer Activity Pages, click to download a pdf

No. 1 : Designer Word Search

No. 2: Designer Crossword Puzzle

No. 3: Designer Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune or Whatever