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Credit Card Storage

Our old website had integrated credit card storage which made ordering easier. PCI compliance keeps getting more rigid and that option would have been turned off by 2019.

The new website (released June 2018) does not have this but there are some things we think are better and more secure options.

Option 1: You can now pay with your Amazon Account. That means we never know your credit card information and you never enter it on our website. This is great for PCI compliance because it is 100% secure (unless someone breaks into Amazon). Here is more information on Amazon Pay.

Option 2: You can now pay with Shopify Pay. Our new website is hosted on Shopify Plus (their top offering). This allows us to use Shopify Pay. Your shipping and billing information is securely stored on Shopify’s PCI compliant servers and is only shared with your store once an order is placed. You will need to enter an authorization code but you will never enter your credit card again (unless you update your card). If you want to learn more please click on this link Shopify Pay FAQ.