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wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations

wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations

StationeryHQ is the leading companies for wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations. Just create a high res PDF and order at wholesale prices for fine stationery and all your wedding supplies.

Wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations offer a luxurious and elegant option for wedding stationery. These invitations are popular for their sophisticated appearance and the tactile quality of the foil stamping. Whether you’re a wedding planner, a stationery retailer, or a designer, offering wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations can be a profitable venture. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and creating these beautiful invitations:

Benefits of Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

  1. Elegant Appearance:

    • Luxurious Look: The metallic sheen of foil stamping adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.
    • Variety of Colors: Foil is available in various colors including gold, silver, rose gold, copper, and more.
  2. Tactile Quality:

    • Raised Texture: Foil stamping creates a raised texture that is pleasant to touch and enhances the overall feel of the invitation.
  3. Durability:

    • Long-Lasting: The foil stamping process ensures that the design remains vibrant and does not fade over time.
  4. Customizability:

    • Personalized Designs: Foil stamping can be used for custom designs, monograms, and intricate patterns.
    • Versatility: Suitable for a range of wedding themes from classic to modern.

Steps to Create Wholesale Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

  1. Choose a Reputable Printer:

    • Specialized Printers: Select a printer that specializes in foil stamping and has experience with wedding invitations. Examples include local print shops and online services like Minted, Invitations by Dawn, and Paper Source.
    • Quality and Reviews: Check the quality of their previous work and read customer reviews.
  2. Design Your Invitations:

    • Design Software: Use professional design software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to create your invitation designs.
    • Templates: Many printers provide templates with specific guidelines for foil stamping.
  3. Select Paper and Foil:

    • Paper Quality: Choose high-quality paper that complements the foil stamping. Common choices include heavy cardstock, cotton paper, and textured paper.
    • Foil Color: Decide on the foil color(s) that best match the wedding theme.
  4. Prepare the Files:

    • High-Resolution: Ensure your design files are in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and in the correct format (usually PDF).
    • Separation of Elements: Separate the foil elements from the rest of the design in the file to ensure accurate stamping.
  5. Proofing and Approval:

    • Digital Proofs: Request digital proofs from the printer to review the design and layout.
    • Physical Proofs: For large orders, it’s advisable to get a physical proof to check the quality of the foil stamping and paper.
  6. Place Your Order:

    • Wholesale Pricing: Negotiate wholesale pricing based on the quantity needed.
    • Lead Time: Consider the production and shipping time to ensure timely delivery.
  7. Quality Check and Distribution:

    • Inspect the Order: Once received, inspect the invitations for quality and consistency.
    • Packaging: Package the invitations carefully to prevent damage during distribution.

Considerations for Wholesale Foil Stamped Invitations

  1. Cost:

    • Higher Price Point: Foil stamping is generally more expensive than standard printing methods. Plan your budget accordingly.
    • Bulk Discounts: Many printers offer discounts for larger orders, which can help reduce costs.
  2. Design Complexity:

    • Intricate Designs: Foil stamping works best with simple, bold designs. Very intricate details may not stamp well.
    • Font Choices: Use fonts that are legible and complement the foil effect.
  3. Environmental Impact:

    • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider using recycled paper and environmentally friendly foils to reduce the environmental impact.
  4. Customer Preferences:

    • Customization: Offer customization options to cater to different customer preferences and wedding themes.
    • Trends: Stay updated on current trends in wedding stationery to offer popular and in-demand designs.

Top Printers for Wholesale Foil Stamped Invitations

  1. Minted:

    • Quality: Known for high-quality printing and beautiful designs.
    • Customization: Offers extensive customization options and a wide range of foil colors.
  2. Invitations by Dawn:

    • Specialization: Specializes in wedding invitations with various printing techniques including foil stamping.
    • Wholesale Options: Provides wholesale pricing and bulk order discounts.
  3. Paper Source:

    • Reputation: Renowned for high-quality paper products and printing services.
    • Variety: Offers a wide range of paper types and foil colors for custom designs.
  4. Local Print Shops:

    • Personalized Service: Local print shops often provide personalized service and may offer competitive pricing for bulk orders.
    • Proofing: Easier to get physical proofs and make adjustments.


Wholesale foil stamped wedding invitations offer a luxurious and elegant option for wedding stationery that appeals to couples looking for high-quality, personalized invitations. By choosing the right printer, designing carefully, and considering cost and environmental factors, you can successfully offer beautiful and sophisticated wedding invitations that will impress your clients and their guests. Whether you're a wedding planner, a stationery retailer, or a designer, incorporating foil stamped invitations into your offerings can enhance your product line and attract a discerning clientele.