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Where can I get my wedding invitations printed?

Where can I get my wedding invitations printed?

If you know how to create a high res PDF with bleed or have a designer that can do this for you then you can get the best prices on high quality wedding stationery at

There are others listed here but none have been printing these types of invitations as long as StationeryHQ.

You can get your wedding invitations printed at various places, each offering different services and price points. Here are some options:

Local Print Shops

  • Advantages: Personalized service, ability to see samples in person, and support for local businesses.
  • How to Find: Search for local print shops using Google Maps, Yelp, or ask for recommendations from friends or wedding planners.

Online Printing Services

These services offer convenience and a wide range of customization options. Here are some popular online printing services:

  1. Minted

    • Specialty: High-quality wedding invitations designed by independent artists.
    • Features: Custom designs, matching accessories, and free samples.
    • Website: Minted
  2. Zazzle

    • Specialty: Wide range of customizable invitations.
    • Features: Design your own or choose from thousands of templates, various paper types, and finishes.
    • Website: Zazzle
  3. Vistaprint

    • Specialty: Affordable and reliable printing services.
    • Features: Customizable templates, various paper options, and additional wedding stationery.
    • Website: Vistaprint
  4. Shutterfly

    • Specialty: Quality printing with a variety of customization options.
    • Features: Design tools, multiple paper choices, and matching wedding stationery.
    • Website: Shutterfly
  5. Paper Source

    • Specialty: Beautiful, high-quality invitations with a variety of customization options.
    • Features: Unique designs, customizable templates, and coordinating stationery.
    • Website: Paper Source
  6. CatPrint

    • Specialty: Custom printing services with various paper options and finishes.
    • Features: High-quality printing, multiple paper types, and a range of finishes.
    • Website: CatPrint
  7. Basic Invite

    • Specialty: Fully customizable wedding invitations with instant previews.
    • Features: Custom colors, various paper options, and free address collection service.
    • Website: Basic Invite

Specialty Wedding Invitation Printers

  1. Bella Figura

    • Specialty: Luxurious, eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitations.
    • Features: High-end printing techniques, premium paper, and bespoke designs.
    • Website: Bella Figura
  2. Minted Weddings

    • Specialty: Unique designs by independent artists.
    • Features: Wide range of styles, matching wedding stationery, and free guest addressing.
    • Website: Minted Weddings

Department Stores with Printing Services

  1. Paper Source

    • Specialty: High-quality wedding invitations and stationery.
    • Features: Customizable templates, premium paper options, and in-store consultations.
    • Website: Paper Source
  2. Papyrus

    • Specialty: Elegant and stylish wedding invitations.
    • Features: Custom designs, high-quality materials, and a range of styles.
    • Website: Papyrus

DIY Printing

  • Advantages: Full control over the design and printing process, potentially lower costs.
  • How to Do It: Design your invitations using software like Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or Microsoft Word, and print them using a high-quality home printer or at a local print shop.

Steps to Take

  1. Choose Your Printing Method: Decide between digital printing, letterpress, foil stamping, etc.
  2. Prepare Your Design: Ensure your design is in the correct format (PDF, high-resolution JPEG, or AI file) and includes bleed and margin guidelines.
  3. Order Samples: If available, order samples to check the quality before placing a bulk order.
  4. Place Your Order: Once satisfied with the samples, place your final order, ensuring you’ve accounted for the correct quantity and any additional items like RSVP cards, envelopes, and thank-you notes.
  5. Review Proofs: Carefully review proofs provided by the printer to ensure everything is correct before final printing.

By choosing the right printing service and following these steps, you can ensure your wedding invitations are beautifully printed and reflect the style and quality you desire for your special day.