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2021 Can't Get Here Soon Enough :)


Talk about a dumpster fire. 2020 was a nightmare for all of us. But for a small business that had to shut down and send everybody home in March, we are so grateful for the way the year progressed.

Without you, there is no us. 

You were kind and patient while we figured out how and when we could safely re-open. You understood when we said there would be delays in production and shipping. You were empathetic and (mostly) kept your sense of humor while we all worked through reprints of Save the Dates and invented Change the Dates. 

Without you, there is no us. 

And when we re-opened your orders starting pouring in, giving us hope in an otherwise bleak situation. Card sending saw a beautiful resurgence as people reached out to each other from a safe distance. You all turned custom wrapping paper into a huge new offering in the stationery and gift industry. Creative people have a natural inclination to look for new solutions when they're challenged. You all rose to the challenge and gave it a good beat down. 

Without you, there is no us.

Your continued customer loyalty allowed us to provide lots of jobs for really good, hard-working people. Your kind messages and notes of encouragement gave us the energy to keep it going. So from the bottom of our collective heart, the SHQuad thanks you for being the cool, creative, compassionate customers that you are.

Because without you, there is no us.