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How can I get my designs printed on wrapping paper?

There are several options to get your designs printed on wrapping paper:

  1. Online printing services: There are many online printing services that allow you to upload your designs and order custom wrapping paper. Some popular options include Zazzle, Shutterfly, and Minted.

  2. Local print shops: You can also look for local print shops in your area that offer custom printing services. Check with them to see if they can print your designs on wrapping paper.

  3. DIY printing: If you have access to a printer and high-quality paper, you can print your designs on the paper yourself. Make sure to use ink that is suitable for the type of paper you are using.

  4. Custom stamping: Another option is to create a custom stamp with your design and stamp it onto plain wrapping paper. You can purchase custom stamps from online retailers or create your own using a carving tool and a rubber block.

Once you have your custom wrapping paper, you can use it to wrap gifts for special occasions or sell it as a product in your own online store.

If you know how to create a high-res PDF file that is 20.25 x 29.25 the StationeryHQ can print your designs on wrapping paper. We hope you will visit our website. We even offer dropshipping if you want to sell your designs to others.