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COVID Update

The Bay Area has been very pro-active in aggressively fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses in our county were initially ordered to shut down on March 16th unless they were considered essential. We found out that because we provide a service that is essential to keeping other businesses open, we are allowed to operate. 

This information was followed by a lot of discussion about our employees' health and safety and whether we could set up a system that enabled our team to work in separate areas per CDC and WHO regulations. Once we figured out that we can do that, we asked our people whether they are comfortable coming back to work. Some are, some are not. And that's okay. 

During this downtime, our development team has continued to work on site improvements. We think you're gonna love the new pricing visibility when you upload a file. 

Assuming we do not receive any new government mandates, this is the plan:

  • Tuesday, April 7: starts accepting orders 
  • 3-4 Day Turnaround (due to minimal staffing)
  • 20% Discount through April 21st to help offset the financial impact of COVID on customers

As always, we appreciate you. Your loyalty, optimism and crazy creative talent amaze us every day. Thanks for being the best customers ever, we hope you and your families are finding some silver linings in this tough time.