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Website and Setup Help:

I'm trying to log into the new site, but my username and password don't work.
Do I need to create a new account?

If you had an account on the old site, you should be able to log in using the same email address and password that you used for that account. If you are having trouble with logging in, please use the "Forgot password?" link to reset your password, or email us at [email protected].

On the old website, I stored images that I used frequently. I can't seem to find those images on the new site. Where have they gone?

We're so sorry, but since we did a complete site overhaul, which included improving the cart, we were not able to bring over the stored library images.

How should I set up my files? CMYK? Bleed?

Please take a look at our File Setup Guidelines page for more information.

Or for easy file set up, check out Mountaincow Design Software 

Why is there a white border around my image when I upload it?

This border is due to incorrect file dimensions. The file must have the exact width and height noted for each product. You can find these specifications on each product page. We have changed to industry standard bleeds, which is 0.125 inches on each side. If you have templates which have our original bleed size of 0.1 inches on each side, you can still use them; however, keep in mind that a white border within the bleed area will appear in the preview. Just be sure that your artwork is centered in the preview and that the artwork extends beyond the guide lines and into the bleed area.

For example, the file dimensions for a 5 inch by 7 inch card should be 5.25 inches by 7.25 inches.

Why can I only order 1 mug (or notebook etc)?

The quantity is a current flaw in our system that we will have solved in the next month. As a work-around, you can place an order for one and then forward the order to [email protected] with instructions of the new quantity. Our accounting department will send you a PayPal link for the difference in cost. 

How do I go about setting up a foldover card?
(Where is the score? Do I need to invert the file for the back?)

Please make sure that all files are right reading. They should appear on the screen in the same orientation as intended for the viewer. Our software will rotate the files for you to prepare them for our presses.

Score will be exactly down the middle of the longest edge. On screen, one edge is indicated as double the width of the folded card. For example, the 3.5 inch by 2 inch foldover card has a total width of 4 inches and a height of 3.5 inches when the card is not folded.

Do you offer product photos that I can use on my own website?

Absolutely! We always want to make sure that you look good, so we have downloadable templates and product photos for select products on their individual product pages. You can also view and download them here.

Product Information:

What are the specs of the different papers?

Please see our product pages for more information.

What kinds of materials do you use for your products? How are they made?

Please take a look at our product pages for more information about each product.

What are the diameters for the rounded corners on cards?

Rounded corners are 1 inch in diameter (0.5 inch radius).

Can you order envelope liners without envelopes? in printed envelopes?

Yes, you may order your envelope liners without the envelopes or in printed envelopes via an offline order. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

When ordering envelope liners, can I choose a different envelope color other than white?

No, unfortunately we currently only offer white Baronial envelopes with our envelope liners.

Why are the envelope liners shaped for a triangular flap envelope when all of your other envelopes have a square flap?

A few years ago, we developed the lining for a client, who specified the type of envelope to use in conjunction with the envelope liner. Since then, we have added that liner and envelope combination to our online offering, which is what you see today.

What is digital letterpress?

Digital letterpress is a neat technology but also limiting. It is very similar to foil stamping. Matte foil is applied to the paper using a pre-made die. The die is pressed into the paper to give the same effect as letterpress. Please look at our Digital Letterpress product pages for more information on the designs and the colors for each design currently available.

Can I upload my own digital letterpress design?

You can have your own digital letterpress design by contacting [email protected] to process an offline order. Please send us your files and project specifications, and we will send you a quote. Once we confirm the project, we will have a custom die made just for you. We can keep this die on file to use in your future orders.

Do you offer any recycled paper stocks?

We offer a 130# recycled paper stock, and our 110# Ecru Felt is composed of 30% FSC certified recycled paper. These stocks may not be available for all products.

Shipping and Processing:

What is the turnaround time on orders?

Once orders are placed, they are fulfilled within 3 business days; however, orders with more than 10 line items (different products) may take longer than 3 business days.

From where do you ship, and how long will the shipping take?

We ship from Santa Clara in California. Please take a look at our Shipping page for more information.
Shipping to the East Coast via UPS Ground will be about 5 - 6 business days

Do you include pricing information on the packing slips?

No, our packing slips simply contain a list of the items included in the order with their descriptions.

Do you blind ship?

Yes, all orders are blind shipped.

Can you include a gift note?

Yes, there is a field for this during the checkout process

Why won't you refund or reprint any orders lost by the USPS?

USPS has had an unreliable track record for delivering orders on time. In the event that an order is late, lost or damaged by the USPS, claims cannot be filed for your order until at least 15 days after the order has been shipped. Once a claim has been filed, the USPS will initiate a search for your order. If your order is found, it will be shipped back to us and the claim is considered fulfilled; If it is not found then we may receive a claim within 60 days. Due to the lengthiness of this process and the likelihood of orders arriving late, we do not consider the USPS to be a rush service and we will not cover the cost of orders that are late due to shipping issues.

More information about the USPS claims process can be found here: Domestic -- International