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Canvas Wall Banner

Canvas Wall Banner

Upload your unique design onto our brand new Canvas Wall Banners! These 12" x 16.5" (not including ribbon height) custom printed banners are perfect gifts for housewarming, baby rooms, wedding and special event signage and holiday decor. Make them personalized and print just one for a customer, or create a design that many will love and get volume discounts when you order ten or more canvas wall banners. Top 4" of printed canvas are wrap around a wooden post. Make sure you are logged in to your wholesale account to see pricing if you are a creative professional.

Art Size: 12.25" x 20.75"

Trimmed Size: 12" x 20.5"

Final size after assembly: 12" x 16.5"

The top 4" will be wrapped around a wooden post. The bottom 3" are where the angle cut / shape starts so you will want to keep that in mind when you are designing your file.

Downloadable Product Templates

Banner Template (.psd)

Banner Template (.pdf)

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